Unstoppable #3

Moving in with my mom’s new boyfriend? Not my decision. Starting senior year as the new girl? Not my choice. Falling headfirst in lust with the first guy I set eyes on in Claremont? Not even an option. Why? Because the first time we meet, he’s walking out of the bedroom opposite mine…

My life back in Florida was perfect; steady boyfriend, lifelong friends, and a future mapped out with military precision. Then fate stepped in and took a sledgehammer to it.

Jason Connolly saunters through the wreckage of my life in all his bone-melting-smiled, ripped-bodied glory, full of misplaced resentment and riling me like no one else ever has.

He’s determined to hate me; I’m determined to act like I don’t care. But buried somewhere beneath all that animosity is an attraction neither one of us can deny.

A relationship between us is forbidden, and I’ve spent my entire life following the rules. But when it comes to my stepbrother—his heated looks and lingering touches—is it only a matter of time before I break them?