A no-strings hookup with a sexy stranger in a bar. Every guy’s fantasy, right? Or, it was…

Two months into my sophomore year at Lakeview U and my only real worry is getting my lazy ass to class on time.

Knocking someone up five minutes after we met was not part of the college experience I had in mind. But thanks to a pair of sad amber eyes and a shoddy piece of latex, I just became another statistic.

With two words, Nova Daniels throws a big-ass wrench in my carefree student existence. With one follow-up sentence, she offers me an out I’d be an idiot to refuse. In theory, it’s a no brainer: don’t walk goddammit… run.

But the reality of abandoning my unborn kid is far from the cake walk I expected. And staying away from the woman carrying it? Damn near impossible.

Planned or not, I’m going to be a dad.

The only question now… can I figure out how?